CB/A: Paolo Gasparini’s The Street–La Rue–La Calle

RB-Paolo-Gasparini_LA-CALLE_11 RB-Paolo-Gasparini_LA-CALLE_10 RB-Paolo-Gasparini_LA-CALLE_09 RB-Paolo-Gasparini_LA-CALLE_08 RB-Paolo-Gasparini_LA-CALLE_07 RB-Paolo-Gasparini_LA-CALLE_06
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Photo: Daniel Benaim

Title: The Street–La Rue–La Calle (1964–2005)
Author: Paolo Gasparini
Year: 2016
Pages: 86
Measures: 41 x 27 x 0.6 cm
Weight: ––
Binding: Stapled binding. Softcover
Paper: ––
Edition: 1st edition (2017), 2nd edition (2018)
Book design & Layout: Ricardo Báez, Darío Utreras
Typefaces: Univers
Publisher: Common Books / Acacias
Copies: 50 (1 ed.), 100 (2 ed.)
Printing: Common Press, England (Risography)
ISBN: ––
Mentions / Prizes:
«Los mejores libros de fotografía del año» exhibition. PhotoEspaña 2017. Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid.
Articles: ––