Mathieu Asselin’s Monsanto®: A Photographic Investigation (UPDATED NEWSPRINT VERSION)

Photo: Daniel Benaim

Title: Monsanto®, A photographic investigation (newsprint edition)
Author: Mathieu Asselin
Year: 2018
Pages: 28
Measures: 28.9 × 38 × 0.1 cm
Weight: 0.1 kg
Binding: Loose binding
Paper: Recycled (Newsprint) 50 g/m²
First edition & reprint (The Photographer’s Gallery, London)
Second edition (FOMU FotoMuseum, Antwerp)
Third edition (Triennial of Photography, Hamburg)
Fourth edition (FOTO WIEN, Vienna)
Fifth edition (The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam)
Book design & Layout: Ricardo Báez
Typefaces: Univers LT Std®, Minion Pro®
Publishers: The photographer’s gallery, london / FOMU, antwerp / Triennal of photography, Hamburg / The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam
Copies: first edition (1.000) – reprint (500), second edition (4.000), third edition (1.000), fourth edition (1.000)
Printing: Newspaper Club, UK / Polska Press o/Poligrafia, Poland
ISBN: ––
Mentions / Prizes: ––
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