Mathieu Asselin’s Monsanto®: A Photographic Investigation (UPDATED NEWSPRINT VERSION)

Monsanto Newspaper, London
First edition (Feb. 2018). 1.000 copies, The Photographer’s Gallery (London)


Monsanto newspaper, Antwerp
Second edition (Mar. 2018). 4.000 copies, FOMU FotoMuseum (Antwerp)


Title: Monsanto®, A photographic investigation (newsprint edition)
Author: Mathieu Asselin
Year: 2018
Pages: 28
Measures: 28.9 x 38 cm
Weight: ––
Binding: Loose binding
Paper: Recycled (Newsprint) 50 gr.
Edition: first edition (The Photographer’s Gallery, london), second edition (FOMU FotoMuseum, antwerp)
Book design & Layout: Ricardo Báez
Typefaces: Univers, Minion Pro
Publishers: the photographer’s gallery, london / fomu, antwerp
Copies: first edition (1.000), second edition (4.000)
Editors: ––
Printing: Newspaper Club, UK
ISBN: ––
Mentions / Prizes: ––
Articles: ––