FIA’14: Ricardo Báez’s Inside/Out the book

Photo: Daniel Benaim.

Installation about books /photobooks and their conceptual construction narrated in 10 different modules.

Book #1:
, Paolo Gasparini.
M1. Book: Karakarakas, Paolo Gasparini (25 x 30 x 2 cm, 226 pages).
M2. Video: Audiovisual of Karakarakarakas, Paolo Gasparini (19′ 29”).
M3. Photography: 4 original photo prints from Paolo Gasparini, silver gelatin (60 x 40 cm each one).
M4. Paintings: Spread #142 / #143 from the book (Karakarakas). Black-painted Canvas and natural pine wood (140 x 95 cm / 112 x 170 cm).
M5. Sculpture: Copy of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (1999) within a cage for Australian parrots with a pool of whiskey.

Book #2:
Enigma Enigma, Ricardo Báez.
M1. Book: Enigma Enigma, Ricardo Báez (14.4 x 16 x 1 cm, 104 pages).
M2. Video: Diptych titled “10 libras = 1.500 bolívares (27.08.2014)” (2’49”).
M3. Photography: 6original photo prints from Ricardo Báez, Fuji phototest (10.2 x 8.4 cm each one).
M4. Paintings: Spread) 1–95 from the book (Enigma Enigma). Black-painted Canvas and natural pine wood (60 x 48 cm each one).
M5. Sculpture: Australian design vessel containing 5 white ceramic tiles on 10 stacked copies of the book “Cruz-Diez, Alfredo Boulton” (1975), supported by 2 white supports (Ikea, Ekby Lerberg).