Henrik Malmström’s Sistemas de Basura

Photo: Daniel Benaim

Title: Sistemas de Basura / Garbage Systems
Author: Henrik Malmström
Year: 2019
Pages: 128
Measures: 14.7 cm × 21 cm × 2 cm
Weight: 0.7 Kg
Binding: Hand-sewn binding, silkscreened hardcover
Paper: ––
Edition: First edition
Editorial Concept & Edition: Martín Bollati
Cover Design & Typographic Design: Ricardo Báez
Typefaces: Adobe Ming, American Typewriter, Andale Mono, Archivo, Arial, Arrows, Athelas, Avenir Next, Big Caslon, Blackmoor, Bodoni 72, Brush Script, Century Schoolbook, Clarendon, Classic Grotesque, Cochin, Comic Sans, Cooper, Coordinates, DIN Condensed, Domaine Display, Doric, Engravers, Founders Grotesk, Franklin Gothic, Futura, Gill Sans, Glaser Stencil, Hoefler Text, IBM Plex Serif, Impact, Krungthep, Maxima, Minion Pro, Phosphate, Pitch, Right Chalk, Rockwell, Sign Painter, Times New Roman, Trivial, Univers Lt Std, Webdings, Wingdings, ZapfDingbats
Texts: Sergio Tonkonoff
Publisher: SED Editorial, Argentina
Copies: 280
Printing: Akian Gráfica, Buenos Aires
ISBN: 978–987–783–707–0
Mentions / Prizes: ––
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